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Help With Setting Up an ASIC Miner

Get your ASIC miner up and running fast with this concise setup guide.

At Miners1688, we’re committed to demystifying the world of ASIC mining for novices and enthusiasts alike. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to embark on their cryptocurrency mining journey with ease. That’s why we’ve curated an essential series of tutorial videos designed to streamline your ASIC miner setup. But that’s not all — should you encounter any hiccups along the way, our seasoned technicians stand ready to offer tailored guidance every step of the journey. Connect with us for unparalleled support.

1. Miners1688 Website Ordering Guide

Welcome to the first installment of our instructional video series on Miners1688! In this video, we’ll take you through a detailed step-by-step guide on how to place an order on our website. From selecting the right products to finalizing your purchase, this tutorial ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for all our users.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning customer, this guide will help you navigate our ordering process efficiently. Watch as we demonstrate each step, highlight important details, and share tips to enhance your buying experience.

2. Setting Up Power for Your Miner

To ensure your ASIC miners operate efficiently, a 220V (200V ~ 240V) electrical outlet is generally required. Many residential setups come with standard outlets that might not match this specification, making it crucial to adapt your power source accordingly. Commercial spaces, garages, or specific industrial areas often come equipped with the necessary 220V service, presenting a viable location for your mining rig. Alternatively, an electrician can upgrade an existing outlet to suit the 220V requirement. For those in leased properties or locations where modifications are not permitted, opting for a Mining Hosting Service or joining a “mining farm” offers a practical solution.

The placement of your miner is another important consideration due to the heat and noise generated by the device’s cooling fans. Ideally, miners are located in areas like basements, garages, or other spaces that are removed from living or sleeping quarters to minimize disturbance. Should you decide to operate multiple miners, implementing additional ventilation or cooling solutions is advisable to maintain a controlled environment.

Upon setting up, joining a mining pool becomes essential to start mining. This involves selecting a pool that aligns with your mining objectives (for example, antpool/f2pool/FoundryUSA/ViaBTC). Using f2pool as an illustrative example, you would initiate by searching for and navigating to their website, then proceeding to create an account. Guidance for account setup can typically be found in accompanying video tutorials or help sections on the mining pool’s site.

3. Finding Your Miner's IP Made Easy

Initiating your mining setup can present unforeseen challenges, with locating your miner’s IP address standing out as a frequent hurdle. To streamline this process, we offer a suite of tools designed specifically to assist in identifying your miner’s IP address effortlessly. Access these essential resources by following this link to download the necessary tools.

4. Kickstart Your Mining Adventure

To embark on your mining journey, an active internet connection is vital for linking your miner with a mining pool. This collective resource is the backbone of your mining operation, where your hardware collaborates to tackle cryptographic challenges. Depending on the cryptocurrency you aim to mine and your miner’s operating system, the specific mining pools and their addresses you can join will differ. For a hands-on guide on setting up your mining configuration, we use f2pool as a case study. Watch the accompanying video for a step-by-step tutorial to get your mining machine up and running.

5. Binding F2Pools with Crypto Wallet

This step explains how to bind the f2pool account and the binance account. After binding, modify the Payout Threshold. After the machine mines the set Payout Threshold, f2pool will automatically transfer the proceeds to the wallet account.

Here’s a summary of common wallet platforms:

Before choosing a wallet platform, please conduct thorough research. Please note that different countries/regions have varying regulatory policies for trading platforms. so please be aware of the risks. Below is a summary of some common wallet platforms:

CointypeExchangesWallet appsMainnet address formatReminders
BCHBinance, CoinbaseCobo, Coinomi, imTokenStarted with “1”/
BTCBinance, KrakenCobo, imToken, BixinStarted with “1”, “3”, or “b”Using SwissBorg’s BTC address for deposit in f2pool runs the risk of losing coins. If coins are lost, users need to bear the risk themselves, f2pool does not provide recovery service.
CFXOKX, Gate.ioCobo, Bitpie, TokenPocketPrefixed by “cfx:”f2pool does not support using CFX wallet addresses that start with “0x”.
CKBBinance, KucoinCobo, SafePal, imTokenStarted with “ckb”/
DASHBinance,  KucoinCobo,  Coinomi,  Atomic WalletStarted with “X”, “7”/
DNXMEXC, LBankDynexWalletStarted with “X”A DNX wallet address generated from exchange currently does not support pool deposit, it is not recommended to use the exchange address for DNX mining, it can be used for transactions
DOGEBinance, OKXCobo, Coinomi, Tust WalletStarted with “D”, “A” or “9”/
ELACoinEgg, LBank///
ETCBinance, CoinbaseCobo, Atomic Wallet, Coinomi//
ETHWKucoin, KrakenMetamask//
HNSBittrex,  GateCoboStarted with “hs”/
HTRCoinEx, AscendEXHathorStarted with “H”/
IRONKucoin,  Gate.ioFoxWallet,  Node App, Standalone Wallet/When using the wallet address provided by the exchange, confirm with the exchange’s customer service whether a Memo is needed for deposit.
KASKucoin, GateKaspaWebWallet, KDX, ZelcorePrefixed by “kaspa:”When adding a wallet address, you need to copy and paste it in its entirety (including the prefix).
KDABinance, KucoinKoala Wallet, Zelcore, ecko WALLETPrefixed by “k:”When adding a wallet address, you need to copy and paste it in its entirety (including the prefix).
LTCBinance, CoinbaseCobo, imToken, Trust WalletStarted with “ltc”, “L” or “M”/
RVNBinance, KucoinCobo, Atomic Wallet, Trust WalletStarted with “R”/
SCBinance, KrakenLite Wallet//
ZECBinance, CoinbaseCobo, Bitpie, CoinomiStarted with “t”, “z”/
ZENBittrex, Gate.ioGuarda, Ledger, Mixin MessengerStarted with “zn”, “zs”/
ZILBinance, KucoinTrust Wallet, Atomic Wallet, GuardaPrefixed by “zil”/

6. Need More Help?

After putting both time and resources into your cryptocurrency mining efforts, ensuring that your setup operates flawlessly is essential. That’s where we, at Miners1688, step in. Our experts meticulously test each mining rig before it reaches you, aiming for perfect operation right out of the box. Despite our thorough preparation, you might find yourself needing further assistance or have additional queries. Remember, reaching out with questions is always encouraged; we recognize the intricacies involved. Should there be anything else you need clarity on, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help at every step.


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