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What is the difference between Antminer E9 and Antminer E9 pro?



In the bustling marketplace of cryptocurrencies, Ethereum Classic has emerged as an interesting contender. A brainchild of the original Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum Classic’s charm lies in its proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm, Ethash. However, this charm requires the charisma of computational power and electricity, necessitating the need for specialized hardware devices. These devices, adept at intricate calculations, are the backstage crew bringing new blocks and coins to the limelight.


In this crowded backstage, Bitmain stands out as the leading star. A Chinese marvel, Bitmain has been scripting the narrative of quality and innovation since 2013. Its repertoire spans various algorithms and coins – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Zcash, to name a few, with its products celebrated for their reliability, performance, and efficiency.


Our spotlight today falls on two leading characters of Bitmain’s product lineup – the Antminer E9 and Antminer E9 Pro. These proficient miners are designed to deliver an encore performance for Ethereum Classic mining. Quick, cost-effective, they are the ideal co-stars for Ethereum Classic enthusiasts and investors. This article draws a comparison between the Antminer E9 and Antminer E9 Pro, discussing their specifications, features, merits, and considerations.


Understanding the Antminer E9


Antminer E9

The Antminer E9 is a market innovator from the labs of Bitmain, the powerhouse in the sphere of cryptocurrency mining hardware. This brainchild is tailored to mine Ethereum Classic using the Ethash algorithm – a demanding endeavor that calls for computational prowess and a significant power supply. Here, we will explore the Antminer E9’s unique selling proposition, its specifications, and performance while mining Ethereum Classic. We’ll also analyze its market positioning and performance reviews.


Specifications and Features of the Antminer E9


The Antminer E9, with its robust specifications and feature set, sets a benchmark:

  • Hash rate: At a powerful 2400 MH/s ± 10%, it matches the capabilities of 25 Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics cards or 54 Nvidia GTX 1080Ti graphics cards
  • Power consumption: At 1920 W ± 10%, it is an energy-efficient marvel, outdoing the requirements of multiple graphics cards
  • Efficiency: With 0.8 J/MH ± 10% efficiency, the Antminer E9 promises to deliver a higher ROI
  • Memory: A 6 GB memory caters to the demands of the Ethash algorithm and stores the DAG file effectively
  • Network connection: The RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M ensures a reliable internet connection via a cable
  • Size & Weight: With a compact size (520 x 195.5 x 290 mm) and a weight of 17.7 kg, it is a sturdy yet manageable ASIC miner
  • Noise level: A noise level of 75 dB is on par with other ASIC miners
  • Operating temperature: Optimally functioning between 0 to 40 °C, the Antminer E9 promises both safety and efficiency


Unveiling the Power and Efficiency of the Antminer E9


The Antminer E9 is an embodiment of power and efficiency, poised to mine Ethereum Classic at an impressive speed while keeping costs at bay. As per certain mining calculators, the Antminer E9 is expected to churn out up to $50 per day per TH/s of hash rate, outshining Bitcoin or Ethereum mining profits. Furthermore, with a power consumption of 1920 W, it consumes less electricity compared to multiple graphics cards, solidifying its high-efficiency stature.


The Antminer E9 in the Marketplace: Reception and Performance Review


With its launch in July 2022 and shipping beginning in October 2022, the Antminer E9 created ripples in the mining community. It enhanced the mining experience compared to the preceding Antminer E3 model, offering significant improvements in hash rate and power consumption. The Antminer E9 held its own against competitors like Jasminer X4 Server, Linzhi Phoenix, and Innosilicon A10, with its reliability, performance, and efficiency garnering accolades. That said, as a responsible marketer, we acknowledge the constructive criticism around its price, noise level, and competition and regulation risks, forming a roadmap for continual innovation.


Introduction to the Antminer E9 Pro


Antminer E9 pro


Bitmain, a powerhouse in the landscape of cryptocurrency mining hardware, has pushed the boundaries of innovation with the advent of the Antminer E9 Pro. Launched in February 2023 and shipped two months later, the E9 Pro harnesses the power of the Ethash algorithm to mine Ethereum Classic, a process demanding considerable computational prowess and electrical capacity. In this discourse, we’ll delve into the capabilities of the Antminer E9 Pro, scrutinize the incremental improvements over its predecessor, and reflect on its reception and anticipated impact on the market.


The Blueprint of the Antminer E9 Pro


Antminer E9 Pro, the torchbearer of Bitmain’s technological evolution, brings to light the following key specifications:

  • Hash rate: Registering a significant improvement of 53%, the E9 Pro boasts a hash rate of 3680 MH/s ± 10%
  • Power consumption: Slightly more energy-intensive, it has a power consumption of 2200 W ± 10%, marking a 15% increase compared to its predecessor
  • Efficiency: A hallmark of improvement, it achieves an efficiency of 0.6 J/MH ± 10%, a 25% increment over the Antminer E9
  • Memory: A 1 GB upgrade from the previous model, the E9 Pro is equipped with a memory capacity of 7 GB
  • Other key metrics: Dimensions, weight, noise level, network connection, and operating temperature remain consistent with the Antminer E9


Key Advancements in the Antminer E9 Pro


The Antminer E9 Pro is emblematic of a monumental stride in Ethereum Classic mining. Its key upgrades over the E9 model are as follows:

  • Elevated hash rate: The Antminer E9 Pro, owing to its superior hardware and software integrations, mines Ethereum Classic with unprecedented speed. With a hash rate equivalent to 38 Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics cards or 68 Nvidia GTX 1080Ti graphics cards, it redefines mining efficiency.
  • Superior efficiency: The Antminer E9 Pro operates at a lower cost, courtesy of its decreased power consumption and enhanced profitability. With an efficiency of 0.6 J/MH, it ensures maximum returns with minimal overhead.
  • Augmented memory: With an increased memory of 7 GB, the Antminer E9 Pro guarantees a robust and secure Ethereum Classic mining experience, proficiently executing the Ethash algorithm and storing the DAG file.


Market Sentiments and Expectations for the Antminer E9 Pro


The unveiling of the Antminer E9 Pro elicited considerable anticipation and a favorable response within the mining community. The device, marking a remarkable progression from the Antminer E3, outperforms its competitors, including the Jasminer X4 Server, the Linzhi Phoenix, and the Innosilicon A10, in terms of reliability, superior performance, and efficiency. Nonetheless, consumer feedback underlines potential areas for improvement, such as pricing, noise levels, and risks associated with regulation and competition.


Dissecting the Bitmain Powerhouses: Antminer E9 versus E9 Pro


Bitmain, the master architect of cryptocurrency mining hardware, has etched its name in the mining community with its two formidable creations, the Antminer E9 and the Antminer E9 Pro. The Ethereum Classic miners, although hailing from the same lineage, exhibit substantial variances impacting their mining capabilities and performances. This section offers a meticulous comparison of both models, delving into their hash rates, power efficiency, noise generation, among other metrics. We will also elucidate the response from the mining community towards these devices and the incremental improvements in E9 Pro that elevate its mining prowess compared to the E9.


Hash Rate Showdown


The hash rate is a key determinant of a miner’s capability to solve complex calculations of the Ethash algorithm swiftly and mine Ethereum Classic. The higher the hash rate, the more swiftly a miner can find new blocks and amass rewards. The Antminer E9 Pro, with a staggering hash rate of 3680 MH/s ± 10%, outpaces the E9’s hash rate of 2400 MH/s ± 10% by 53%. The E9 Pro’s superior speed empowers it to yield higher daily income. Various mining calculators estimate the E9 Pro to generate up to $15 per day per TH/s of hash rate, compared to the $10 generated by the E9.


Power Efficiency Face-off


Power efficiency, indicating the power consumed per unit of hash rate, is an essential parameter that impacts the cost of mining. The E9 Pro showcases commendable efficiency with a measure of 0.6 J/MH ± 10%, marking a 25% reduction compared to E9’s efficiency. This distinction allows the E9 Pro to mine Ethereum Classic more economically, yielding savings on electricity bills. Although the E9 Pro consumes slightly more power (2200 W ± 10%) compared to E9 (1920 W ± 10%), the heightened profitability counterbalances this discrepancy.


Noise Level Comparison


Noise level, an often overlooked aspect, significantly affects the user’s environment. Both Antminer E9 and E9 Pro emit 75 dB noise, making them fairly loud. Consequently, users might need to consider soundproofing measures. However, some users report the E9 Pro as slightly quieter, thanks to its improved fan design and cooling system.


Additional Factors


Other elements like dimensions, weight, memory, network connection, operating temperature, and humidity also shape the miner’s performance. However, these factors are consistent across both models and do not significantly impact the mining output. The E9 and E9 Pro have similar compact and robust designs, weigh around 20 kg, and contain sufficient memory to run the Ethash algorithm and store the DAG file. Their compatibility with RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M enables them to partake in various mining pools and platforms. Both models can operate in temperatures ranging from 0 to 40 °C and humidity levels of 10 to 90%.


Mining Community’s Perspective


The mining community’s response towards both miners is largely positive, thanks to their high returns and efficiency. While they receive accolades for their reliability, performance, and quality, they also draw criticism for high pricing, regulatory risk, competitive risk, noise, and heat generation.


Impact of E9 Pro’s Upgrades


The enhancements in E9 Pro confer it with an edge over the E9. With its superior hash rate, improved power efficiency, and augmented memory, the E9 Pro mines Ethereum Classic more swiftly, economically, and securely. It promises higher daily revenue, energy savings, and dodges potential issues with the DAG file size. In essence, the E9 Pro emerges as a dominant Ethereum Classic miner outshining the E9 and other competitors in the market.


The Impact of Antminer E9 Pro on Ethereum Classic Mining


Unleashing a New Era of Difficulty


Let’s not mince words – Bitmain’s Antminer E9 Pro is a powerhouse. It’s an intricate piece of machinery that propels Ethereum Classic mining into uncharted territory. With a stunning hash rate of 3680 MH/s, it pumps an incredible amount of computational prowess into the Ethereum Classic network.


Like the ripples in a pond after a stone’s toss, the implications are far-reaching. Increased hash power leads to an escalated difficulty level. It’s a classic tale of supply and demand. More miners chasing after the same blocks result in a fiercer competition. The stakes are higher, and the road to rewards is tougher. But here’s the catch – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Heightened competition also means enhanced security. It becomes significantly harder for malicious entities to manipulate or disrupt the network. The increased difficulty acts as a bulwark against such attacks, adding an extra layer of stability. For the average miner, the playing field becomes tougher, yet the game they play becomes even more secure.


A Light Touch on Power Consumption


Now, let’s shift our gaze to another crucial piece of the mining puzzle – power consumption. The Antminer E9 Pro strikes an exceptional balance between raw power and energy efficiency, drawing a manageable 2200 W. This lean energy profile, compared to several graphics cards or other ASIC miners, promises not just savings on your electricity bill, but also a lower carbon footprint.


Yet, it’s important to remember that the real savings are tied closely to local electricity costs and the adoption of renewable energy sources. The same miner might deliver diverging outcomes in two different places. Context is key.


Beyond the Hash Rates: The Broader Implications


A singular focus on the immediate – hash rates, difficulty levels, and power consumption, might obscure the wider implications. The arrival of Antminer E9 Pro isn’t just another blip on the Ethereum Classic mining radar. It’s a significant event that might trigger a chain reaction, impacting facets like profitability, regulation, competition, and innovation.


Mining profitability might see an upswing due to the higher daily income potential. However, profitability is a complex matrix, influenced by Ethereum Classic’s price volatility and varying mining pool fees and rewards. Regulations might tighten around Ethereum Classic mining as it becomes increasingly popular and lucrative. The competitive landscape could undergo a reshuffle, sparking off a race for more advanced miners.


At the same time, this new tool could fuel innovation, pushing miners to optimize their performance using diverse hardware devices, software programs, and more. It could even propel cross-chain communication and interoperability with other blockchains, unearthing a treasure trove of opportunities and challenges.


In essence, the Antminer E9 Pro isn’t just a powerful new miner. It’s a transformative force, primed to redefine the rules of Ethereum Classic mining and its future trajectory.


Please note that this passage has been written in a style that’s influenced by Seth Godin’s marketing and strategic implications focused writing. However, as Seth Godin is not a known expert in cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, there might be slight deviations from his exact writing style.




At the core, the Antminer E9 and E9 Pro are two breeds of the same lineage. Yet, a closer examination reveals a narrative of evolution. A tale of how the E9 Pro takes the best of E9 and enhances it to reach new pinnacles.


The E9 is a commendable miner in its own right, clocking a hash rate of 2400 MH/s and boasting a power efficiency of 0.8 J/MH. Yet, when contrasted with the E9 Pro’s hash rate of 3680 MH/s and power efficiency of 0.6 J/MH, it’s clear that the Pro version strides ahead. This efficiency does come at a slight cost with an increase in power consumption, but the overall output justifies this rise.


In the cacophony of mining, both units hold their own, producing a noise level of 75 dB. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that the E9 Pro, with its improved fan design, might provide a slight reprieve on this front.


Peering into the Crystal Ball


As we gaze at the horizon, we glimpse a future punctuated with continual advancements. The strides made in the E9 Pro give us clues about where we might be headed.


Power efficiency could be one of the key drivers of future developments, given the increasing focus on sustainability. With the E9 Pro already taking the lead on this front, future iterations could further refine this aspect.


Improvements in cooling mechanisms, reducing the noise output, and creating more user-friendly interfaces could be other areas of focus. Given the Pro model’s additional memory, future models might explore the potential for greater computational power through enhanced memory.


In essence, the improvements in the E9 Pro act as stepping stones, creating a path for continual progression in the mining ecosystem.


Charting Your Course: E9 or E9 Pro?


For a miner, the decision between the E9 and the E9 Pro is far from trivial. It’s a pivotal choice that could influence the course of their mining journey.


The E9, with its respectable hash rate and power efficiency, serves as a reliable companion for miners, especially those in regions with lower electricity costs. However, for those seeking the fast lane, the E9 Pro, with its superior hash rate and better power efficiency, might be the better pick. Despite the slightly higher power consumption, its potential for generating more income per day could tip the scales in its favor.


In the end, the decision rests on the miner’s specific needs and resources. It’s a carefully balanced equation of potential income, power costs, upfront investment, and personal risk tolerance.


So, as we stand at the crossroads of the E9 and E9 Pro, the journey forward is not merely about selecting a miner. It’s about choosing the route that aligns with your vision of the mining adventure.




What is the cost of the Antminer E9 or E9 Pro?


The pricing of Antminer E9 or E9 Pro is fluid and contingent upon factors like the batch, model, and its availability. The latest Antminer E9 batch was priced at $4,999 USD, whereas the E9 Pro was valued at $6,999 USD. These prices are subject to change over time based on factors like supply and demand, market conditions, and exchange rates. You can stay updated on these changes by regularly checking Bitmain’s website or their distributors.


What are the best mining pools or platforms for the Antminer E9 or E9 Pro?


The Antminer E9 or E9 Pro is compatible with various mining pools or platforms that facilitate the Ethash algorithm and Ethereum Classic mining. Some prominent ones include:

  • Ethermine: A leading Ethereum Classic mining pool, controlling over 30% of the network hash rate, Ethermine offers low fees, high rewards, real-time statistics, and reliable servers.
  • Nanopool: This platform boasts of over 20% of the network hash rate, with advanced features, a user-friendly interface, and competitive rewards.
  • F2Pool: One of the oldest Ethereum Classic mining pools, F2Pool ensures professional support, stable servers, and a healthy return.
  • NiceHash: A unique platform enabling users to buy or sell hash power for various cryptocurrencies, NiceHash offers flexibility, high profitability, and robust security measures for miners mining Ethereum Classic using their Antminer E9 or E9 Pro.


How can you set up and operate the Antminer E9 or E9 Pro?


Setting up and operating the Antminer E9 or E9 Pro is relatively simple but does demand a degree of technical know-how. Referencing the user manual or Bitmain’s support resources can provide specific instructions and tips for a smooth setup. You might also consider watching video tutorials on platforms like YouTube for step-by-step guidance.

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